360 Panorama Photography – What you will need

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To take perfect 360-degree panoramas or “Pans” you will need one of the following panoramic attachments.  The device attaches to the tripod and then to the camera (camera positions vertically).

Take minimum 10 images in a circle (11 images for an overlap image) which equals a 36-degree space between each shot.

360 Panoramas can be seen here in this Virtual Tour: http://www.myvisuallistings.com/pfsnb/180499

My Visual Listings photographers have found the Nodal Ninja to be the best.  You must have the Nodal Ninja for the 360 Panoramas to come out perfect.


1.The Nodal Ninja: NN3 MKII Starter Package (F3500 or F3499) – Plus a ’36 degree Brass Ring for Ninja’ (F3152):

My Visual Listings Nodal Ninja for 360 Panorama PhotographyNodal Ninja Brass Ring for 360 Panoramic Real estate Photography

a. Ninja – Stand Alone MKII NN3 (F3499) 
b. Brass Ring – 36 Degree Brass Detent Ring (n=10)

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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Add the Nodal Ninja 3 MKII to your cart. Upon checkout, add to the Notes/Comments section to replace the detent ring that comes with the NN3 with the 36 Degree Detent Ring (they will do this at no extra cost!!)


Note: The brass detent ring allows for helpful ‘bumps’ every 36 degrees
Nodal Ninja PDF Manual

Videos on Ninja Set-Up










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