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Lens for My Visual Listings Real estate Photography

In order to have excellent real estate photography, you MUST use a wide-angle lens as your real estate photography:

10-22MM lens for cropped-frame DSLRs (always set manually to 10MM on infinity focus)Real estate Photography Lens

Many real estate photographers are trying to use the wrong lens when trying to take great pictures for real estate.  Make your life easier and get the proper lens.

NO Fish Eye Lens with our system.

If a photograher is using a cropped frame camera, he or she absolutely needs a wide angle 10mm lens (If the camera is full frame, 16-17mm is OK).

Why? This wide angle captures the most of a room or space, making homes look larger and more spacious on a computer screen. MVL uses a full browser screen width making the wide angle present the home best.

We also suggest using a lens hood for outdoor shots to block sun rays.

All photography uploaded to the tours must be taken HORIZONTALLY (including in bathrooms, whether large or small).  The only exception is the Panoramics…those are taken vertically on the Pan Head.

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