Set-Up the Nodal Ninja for Panoramics

Use the correct brass detent ring that allows for helpful ‘click-stops’ every 36 degrees (for a total of 10 shots to make 360 degrees around the room. Take an extra 11th shot for overlap). Still need to get a Nodal Ninja? See what to get here.

  1. Properly mount the NN to the Tripod thread (The NN Base has a second hole to insert some tripod’s metal bump to help secure NN)
  2. Camera is Vertical (Only time MVL shoots with the camera vertical)
  3. Flash points to ceiling (Rotate the flash)
  4. Ninja is level
  5. The vertical arm and horizontal arm on the Nodal Ninja (NN) are perpendicular to each other (at 90 degrees)
  6. Lens points to “crux” or the 90-degree bend of the Ninja
  7. Focus is manual set to infinity, 10mm wide angle zoom (cropped frame cameras)
  8. Set flash power based on room size (1/16 – 1/4)
  9. Expose manually for each shot
  10. Check each shot for good lighting and exposure. You can take more than one shot at each click-stop.
  11. Carefully rotate the camera COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, making sure the tripod pistol grip doesn’t accidentally add rotation)

FOR MORE HELP: Read the Nodal Ninja PDF Manual

The Nodal Ninja (NN) Camera Plate can remain on the camera at ALL TIMES. When shooting regular still shots on a tripod, just insert your tripod thread into the NN Camera Plate for mounting on the tripod for horizontal still shots. Then when you want to use the Ninja, just unscrew the tripod thread and mount the Camera Plate onto the Nodal Ninja’s horizontal bar.

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