Using External Flashes

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This video explains how to use two external flashes when shooting real estate photography. This is based on trying to achieve the least amount of post-shoot editing possible by properly lighting a room and adjusting the shutter with the flashes to expose for both the interior and exterior through windows.


  1. Set Flashes to Manual
  2. Set your Exposure then use Flash power between 1/64 – 1/4 based on room size and desired brightness of room
  3. Don’t over flash the room, especially watch out for washing out detail with too much light (Always easier to brighten the shadows than to darken with post-shoot editing)
  4. Use one flash mounted on the camera, the other in your hand
  5. Watch out for shadows caused by the flashes (Ex: Ceiling fans, Angled walls, Decor). Try two different positions with the hand-held flash.\
  6. Windows: Under-expose the shot by increasing the shutter and using the flashes to properly expose the interior, while achieving the desired look of seeing objects through the window. Note: Increasing the shutter too much can have a negative effect on the warm look of the shot.
  7. Too fast a shutter (usually over 1/200) will not sync with the flash. If at 1/200 and it’s still not enough to get through the windows, may have to then adjust Aperture to get desired look through window.


Watch the Video Tutorial on Using Flashes in Real Estate Photography

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